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My name is Steve Miller and no I don’t play the guitar. After 20 years of, Parts for Jeeps is all we do from 1940 to brand new I needed a change so I liquidated my Jeep parts store, Great Pumpkin Enterprises and started on a new journey. As the world turns I was transporting cars and actually fell into the Import Export business. I owned Consolidated Automotive Relocation Services, AKA C.A.R.S. INTERNATIONAL throughout the 90s,  Assisted by my new friend Dale Bouray, a pivotal name in the shipping business at the time, we managed to establish a reputation as one of the largest shippers in the northwest of everything and anything that rolled. Construction equipment, airplanes, all types of vehicles, vintage and otherwise, as well as motor homes, motorcycles and trailered boats. When Ship Happens first came about I was at my friend Dave Bryant’s tire store working on Hot Rods. Late afternoon I said guys, I need to go ship some cars, make some money. I can’t play all day, see you later. Dave then piped up with, Ship Happens. A light came on in my head and I immediately went to the office, called my attorney and trade marked the slogan. That’s when Ship Happens was born, sometime in the early 90s, as well as the beginning of the rest of the story. That will come in time.

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